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Photo ID: 1248
Gallery ID: 47 - Ovaries
Photo Title: different ovarian cysts
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"A" is a simple cyst (Unilocular, thin smooth wall, clear fluid content) B is an Endometrioma (Homogeneous and hypoechoic mass with diffuse low-level echoes (ground-glass)) "C" is a hemorrhagic cyst (Cystic mass with a solid-appearing area with good through-transmission, without internal flow at color Doppler, and typically with concave margins, consistent with a blood clot) D is not a cyst it is hyerachoic small nodules in the ovary "E" is a Mature cystic teratoma (Hypoechoic mass with hyperechoic nodule (Rokitansky nodule or dermoid plug)) "F" is multiple fuctional cysts.

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